“Notice” Juvenile Garrison Independent Society Meeting


October 12, 1833

The Liberator

Boston, Massachusetts

Volume III, Issue 41, page 163


This “Notice” from The Liberator announces the upcoming meeting of the Juvenile Garrison Independent Society on October 16, 1833.  One of the organizers of this antislavery society, William C. Nell served as its secretary. At this meeting, a sixteen year old Nell spoke about prejudice being the cause of slavery.


Questions to Consider

  1. After reading the William Cooper Nell article, what purpose did this society serve? What did Nell say to its members in the October 16 meeting?
  2. Nell was only sixteen years old when he addressed the society about slavery. Do you see examples of young people speaking out against injustices today?




The Garrison Independent Society will celebrate their second Anniversary on Wednesday, Oct. 16, in the School House, Belknap-street. After transacting such business as may come before the Society, the meeting will conclude with an address by one of the members. Meeting to commence at half past 3 o’clock, P.M.

It is hoped that all will attend as early as possible to prevent delay.

By order of FRANCIS GOMEZ, President,
WM. C. NELL, Secretary.


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