Archaeological Objects

Approximately 1750s - 1900s

BOAF-1996 Abiel Smith School


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Unit 5-6N/0-1E
Feature 3B
Stratum 2A
Context 179

Northeast Museum Services Center, National Park Service


Several clay pipes have been found during archaeological excavations at the Abiel Smith School and African Meeting House. From looking at the pipe bowl, we can see it has been well used from the dark residue burned inside.*

Many people used clay pipes, including members of the Robert A. Bell Post, 134, G.A.R.. Frequently Post members gathered for “campfires” during which they smoked pipes and shared stories from the Civil War.

*”Abiel Smith School Digital Catalog,” Northeast Museum Services Center, National Park Service.


Questions to Consider

  1. What was the significance of memory to the Bell Post members?
  2. Are there any similarities to “campfires” today?


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